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Highlands Library: Making a Book Trailer

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Tips for Creating a Great Book Trailers


Tips for creating a great book trailer:

  1. Don’t go overboard with the effects and transitions.
  2. Choosing the images and music that you want will probably take the most time. Make sure you put them in one folder on your H drive, a flash drive or in OneDrive
  3. If you’re not sure what you’d like to write about the book, consider using quotes from the book.
  4. Capture the viewer by using rhetorical questions near the end of the trailer (e.g. “Will Man Jack ever be able to find Bod?”).
  5. NEVER reveal the ending of the book.
  6. Be careful to limit the number of text slides in a trailer.  A lot of trailers actually look better when the whole story is told through images and do not use text. 
  7. Sometimes one word can describe a scene better than a whole sentence.
  8. Typical trailers run one to three minutes in length.  Too little and the trailer doesn’t capture the book.  Too much and you lose your audience.
  9. On the last slide of your trailer, be sure to give credit for all of the content that you used (quotes, images, music).   

Adapted from:

Bates, Naomi. "Weaving a Virtual Story - Creating Book Trailers 101." Knowledge Quest Jan. - Feb. 2012: 72-76. Print.