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The Mission of the Highlands LIbrary

The mission of the White Plains Middle School Library is to assist students in their quest for accurate information for all their education needs and interests.

The library seeks to promote a love of reading and knowledge in a safe and nurturing environment.

At Home Activities

Looking for something fun to do at home?  Check out this list of activities.  I will be updating this as I get more information from our vendors.  Teachers, please let me know if you would like me to add anything to this list.

  • Remember the author Jarrett Krososczka who visited us on Tuesday?  He will be hosting a live YouTube webcast on his channel  every weekday at 2PM with drawing activities and lessons. Can't make it at 2?  They will all be archived.  
  • Scholastic Magazines has set up an at home learning center that they will be updating throughout the week.  No need to sign up or give any personal information.
  • Brainpop has some great new videos available - You might just learn something! Log in with CLEVER (on left)
  • PBS Learning Media has videos in all subject areas:
  • Don't forget to READ! The instructions for SORA ebooks and Tales2Go audio books are below.  Please email Ms. Ciofolo if you have a problem getting on either resource. SORA will also give you access to the WPPL's online ebook/audiobook collection for students.
  • The WPPL Edge also has many other eresources available.  Check out their webpage: Don't have a library card? Apply for a temporary one remotely.
  • Try listening to a book Free on Audible.  Books for all ages:


TO ALL STUDENTS:  Please do not 'sign up' for any activities or public websites that are not available to you through school accounts or mentioned above. Keep your personal information private.

NEW for all Highlands Students!!!

We now have access to TALES2GO audiobooks!

Use this link or click on the logo below to gain access (from a school computer) to recorded books that can be simultaneously accessed by all students.

For access on a School iPad - Students should download the Tales2go App and use the sign in below  to authenticate the service:

Please note:  this is a one time set up process only.

School ID: hms

Password: listen

Home access is available by downloaded the app on your personal mobile device. 

Students: log in with school ID and Tigers19.

Teachers:  log in with school ID and WPsch00ls

PLEASE see this link for more information on how to use both Tales2go and Sora.


NEW: Send your free SORA books to your KINDLE device. Click on Kindle Icon above for more information.


Students at Highlands may access ebooks and audiobooks from two Apps.



SORA: Download the the SORA App for IOS or Android 

On school devices it is available in the Self Service App.‚Äč

On a desktop device or through a browser use:

 From the drop down find White Plains as your school

Your Sora log-in is the same as your computer log in.

                         TO WATCH A VIDEO ON HOW TO USE SORA:  


ID: student ID (initials and number)  Password:  Your computer log in password




   DestinyDiscover: Download the Destiny Discover READ App for IOS or Android. 

On school devices it is available in the Self Service App.

Your Destiny Discover log-in is the same user ID and password that you use in school.











Random House has loosened some copyright restrictions:


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